Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning

Exterior Window Cleaning with Purified Water

Are you needing exterior window cleaning in Nokomis, FL?  Isn’t cleaning windows difficult? Ever thought that maybe there was a better way? There is!

My Window Guys has invested in Water purification technology to clean your windows. Cleaning the glass is just the start of it. Water Fed Pole cleaning with water purification technology allows My Window Guys to clean the glass, frames, window opening, window sills and shutters, all at the same time! The key is in the filters. Regular tap water passes through 4 stage filtration system before deposited in a holding tank. Water that comes out of the filters is so pure that dirt and grime ‘run off’ your window glass leaving a streak free look and clean. We also use top quality brushes on your home.. My Window Guys uses the finest quality brush attachments with long soft bristles that get more dirt and grime from windows than any conventional method. Our System can reach 2 nd story windows more easily as well! Water Fed Poles can reach upwards of 50’ + without climbing a ladder. Water Fed Pole cleaning work 20% better on your window frames, glass and openings, saves 50% time and effort in hard to reach areas, and no chemicals in window cleaning save 100% of potential harsh chemicals falling on your plants and bushes.

Give your windows a good brush by calling My Window Guys, cleaning to let in the Sunshine!

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