The Importance of IPC Screen Cleaning Eagle

The Importance of IPC Screen Cleaning Eagle

The IPC Screen Cleaning Eagle has completely changed how residential & commercial screens are cleaned. A window cleaning service without this tool is simply short-changing the client and not providing the very best window cleaning experience possible. Let My Window Guys tell you more.

clean screens and eagle machine

The upper photo shows about 12-16 screens that were set up to clean, with the screen cleaning Eagle in the center.  Using the screen cleaning Eagle allows our window technicians to clean many screens at once. Often times when a home has multiple screens and windows – a cleaning service provider will try to clean the screens by hand and will do a poorer job simply because there are so many to clean and cleaning screens by hand is a difficult process; it’s back breaking work, and increases the likelihood of damaging the screen. The photo below shows how easily a single screen moves through the ICP Eagle Screen Washer where both sides of the screen material and frame are cleaned simultaneously. This allows for a thorough and complete cleaning process that leaves your screens in top condition.

person cleaning screens

Screen Being Pushed Through the Screen Cleaning Eagle

My Window Guys was hired for work by the customer in the upper photo after she learned that her other service provider was not cleaning the screens properly, or seemingly not at all. There were a total of 37 screens in the house and most looked like they had not been cleaned in a very long time despite the window cleaning service provider had cleaned her window 5 months prior.

Screen cleaning is very important to the overall condition of any window system. Screens are usually only located on the inside of the window system or on the outside of the window system, with a rare exception of screens in between the glass.

When Screens are on the inside of the window system, they will collect more dirt in the form of dust, allergens, pet dander and hair, and whatever else may be swirling around the indoor air. Bedrooms and living rooms with screens located on the inside of the window system often have a very high level of dust that needs to be removed at least once a year. If the window system has screens and blinds on the inside in addition to screens, then more frequent dusting is required for proper maintenance.

Screens that are located on the outside of the window system are a little more common. These screens will collect more dirt in the form of pollen, wind blown dirt, soil erosion, hard sprinkler water, and anything blowing around in a storm or hitting the glass; Mr. Sunshine is another variable that is very hard on outside screens. Without proper cleaning, prolonged dirt and moisture on an outdoor screen will result in the screening material breaking down much sooner, requiring premature replacement.

In both inside and outside screens, proper cleaning and maintenance means that when the window is open and fresh air is coming into the home from outside, that air will not be bringing more contaminants in with it.

Consider asking your service provider if they use an IPC Screen Cleaning Eagle to clean your screens, and if not, ask them how they do it, and if it’s included in that price they’re giving you. If the answers are not satisfactory, call My Window Guys for a free consultation.

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