Window Detailing 101 – Vacuuming

Window Detailing 101 – Vacuuming

Window Frame and Sill Vacuuming is Included in Every Gold Package: Vacuuming is the Proper Way to Remove Dust and Debris


If you are going to hire a company or individual to clean your windows, first ask yourself what level of detail you might be expecting from the company.  If you have ever cleaned your own windows, did you vacuum the frames and wipe them down as part of the window cleaning job? Would it make a difference in how you valued the service you hired knowing that vacuuming and detailing is offered?  Would you consider buying that value even if it meant spending more money?  When you step over to look at your windows, do you see a lot of loose dust?  Did you know, this loose dust also goes right on the glass, lowers the quality of air in your home, and makes the windows dirtier? If the window is right next to the bed, that dust is being breathed in every night while you’re sleeping and nobody wants that!  Ask your window cleaning provider if they vacuum the sills and frames. 


window sill vacuuming


Vacuuming Window Frame – Common for Dust to Accumulate here

The photo above shows the vacuuming done on the window sill.  Dust gathers here from the blinds that are closed during the winter or summertime months. The photo below shows the vacuuming done on the window frame.  This is important to clean when inside blinds are closed or go without regular cleaning. There tends to be a lot of dust in master bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and living room areas.  In other words, both the frame and the sill will accumulate the most dust in the heavily used areas.

window frame vacuuming

If you have not had your windows cleaned every year, then the first cleaning should include window vacuuming as part of the cleaning.  My Window Guys includes vacuuming as part of every service, and especially recommends vacuuming on the very first cleaning as it will make a big difference in air quality.  Vacuuming allows the glass to be cleaned and the frame to get wiped down thoroughly after the glass has been done.  Removing built up dust and debris creates a healthier environment inside the home, preventing dust and allergens from swirling around the air, or settling on your window glass.  

Another factor in window vacuuming is blind vacuuming.  In certain cases, the window blinds are so dusty that the blinds ought to be vacuumed as part of the window service.  It makes no sense to clean windows, frames, sills and glass only to close up those freshly cleaned areas with dirty, dusty blinds.  Vacuuming blinds with a brush attachment like shown in the photos above is the best first step to cleaning most window blinds.  Often blinds will need a wiping down after a vacuuming, but most of the time just vacuuming will prevent dust and debris from building up more quickly on the inside window system and getting into the air.   Consider these important details when hiring a window cleaning company.  When in doubt, call My Window Guys for a free in home consultation and dust and debris audit.   

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