Why Choose Professional Window Cleaners

Why Choose My Window Guys in Sarasota, FL

My Window Guys is a locally owned and operated, fully insured, professional window and awning cleaning service serving Sarasota, FL. Owner and operator M.D. Gour has over 20 years of experience in the industry and has perfected the art of window & screen cleaning.

We pride ourselves on timely, effective service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We utilize water purification technology to ensure your windows get the best clean available.

Get the Best Clean With Our Water Purification Technology

Something that sets My Window Guys apart from our competitors is our use of water purification technology. If you use unfiltered water to clean your windows, you’ll soon find unsightly water stains and deposits left behind. Why is this? Unfiltered water contains hardwater and small solids that we can’t see until the water evaporates, leaving your windows looking dingier than ever.

To prevent this and to give your windows the best clean possible, we use purified water. By filtering our water through a carbon resin filter and a deionization filter, we are able to remove 99% of hard water, producing water that is nearly devoid of solids. This means no unsightly water marks or deposits left behind. Also, when the purified water comes into contact with existing hard water stains, dirt, or deposits, it removes them, giving your windows a more thorough clean.

Our purification technology not only gives you a better clean, but a longer clean. Windows cleaned with purified water will appear cleaner 20%-30% longer than those cleaned with unfiltered water.

Save Your Screens With Our Expert Screen Cleaning

Did you know that cleaning your window screens by hand is the most ineffective method and can easily damage the frames or screening material? That’s why the professionals at My Window Guys utilize IPC Eagle screen washers. The machine doesn’t put any pressure on the frames or screens, allowing for a thorough clean without the risk of damaging your screens.

We Can Clean Anything

Do you have hard to reach places or a multi-level home? Our professionals use water fed poles to clean even the most obtuse shaped windows, openings, and sills with purified water. Our water fed poles come in a variety of lengths to reach even the highest windows. The lightweight poles also come equipped with brushes, allowing us to wipe away dirt or sediments from window glass, frames, openings, and sills.

Don’t put off cleaning your windows any longer. Call today for a free in-home consultation and see why we are the premier window cleaners of Sarasota, FL.